Nal-Karak is the capitol of Midheim. A bustling dwarven metropolis situated inside the highest peak of the pillars of Malm. It has a population of roughly 100.000 people.

Inside the cavernous city one can find a variety of peoples, goods and services, depending on which district you find yourself in. There are 7 major districts in Nal-Karak, and several sub-districts or neighbourhoods within. The major ones are;

The Inner Circle.

Nal-Karaks elite ruling class of noble dwarven clans reside here. They have created their own little town, secluded from the riff-raff. Here one can find manors, offices and even a few temples, as well as the seat of council of lords. To enter, one must be vouched for, either by a noble or a foreign emissary.


As every other large city, Nal-Karak is not free of strife and social conventions. The meek are trod upon by the mighty, forcing them to find their way through less than savoury means. Greencleft is an amalgation of peoples who are less fortunate than the dwarves of noble or wealthy birth. They've established a quarter for themselves, where the prices are lower, but so is the standard of living. Crime and poverty is very much present in Greencleft, and guards are loathe to patrol unless they have to.

The Coalmarket.

Cutting a large swath from the underforge through to the Inner Circle, the Coalmarket is the busiest trading district in all of Midheim. Here one can find any and all services pertaining to tinkers, tradegoods, licensed enchanters and tools. A wide street with stalls and shops spanning half the length of the city will provide for any who are in need of bartering or trading.

The Underforge.

Molten rock and steam rises from the ever clanging forges of Nal-Karak. Huge bellows fan the flames and the canals temper the legendary craftsmanship of the acolytes and priests of Malm. It is widely believed that the underforge was once the forge of Malm, where the weapons of the gods were made in the crucible of the earth. A looming statue of Malm is located in front of his temple, where people will attempt to seek his guidance and blessing.

Lake District.

Rafts and rowboats line their way all through the narrow and winding canals of Nal-Karak, but the stream itself originates from the Temple of Sjo. The giant glass pyramid erected in her honour. Here goods are ferried up and down tunnels leading out to the great rivers of Midheim through a system of pulleys and caverns. Trade in all things aquatic happen here, whether it's fishing, sailing or carpentry. The water always runs in Nal-Karak, and the streams are powerful, but still the constant smell of salt and dried fish permeates most of the Lake District.

Delvers Den

Only the brave and foolhardy make their home in the Delvers Den. It is the entrance to the large subterranean complex known as the Underdark, where duergar, drow and less hospitable beings make their home. The Delvers Den is where deals are made, expeditions financed, and wills are written. Many make their last meals in the gloomy but rich atmosphere of the Halls of Glory. One can find everything one could possibly need to stave off the dangers of the deeps here, as well as people willing to make the journey in search of riches.

Mithral Shafts

Adjacent to, but blocked off from the caves of the Delvers Den, lies the mithral mines of Nal-Karak, were able-bodied men and women, as well as slaves find work. Dredging up the wealth of the abyss is hard work, produces hard men, and richer masters. 



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