Nestled on the northern part of the Midheim peninsula lies Beakwood, a hobbled together selection of eclectic buildings and peoples. Surrounding Beakwood proper, are the dessicated remains of Al-Tharûn, the City of Lights.

Al-Tharûn was the centre of learning in the Old Empire, a large city filled to the brim with arcane secrets and wonders of artifice. Most of this knowledge was lost before the Godfall, but some of it has been transcribed from ancient texts and kept safe in the last remaining Artificer Tower in Beakwood.

Beakwood today is a den of iniquity and corruption, yet almost every native will swear to its particular brand of beauty. Due to its location and history, most things one could ever dream to possess can be bought or traded for in Beakwood, both above the counter and below. The massive sewer system left over from the days of Al-Tharûn lends itself to shady dealings and shadier people.

Midheim governs its cities with representatives from the Lords Council of Nal-Karak, and the family currently in charge alongside with the Artificers Conclave is the Snowgrip family.


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