“Sjo to flood the plains with seas;
waters, oceans, wind in leaves”

It is said that one must fear and love Sjo, for she is both the tempest, and the wind at your back. Sailors, travelers and hermits pray to Sjo for guidance and luck, hoping to draw her attention with feats of bravery against impossible odds. Sjo is the creator of the oceans, and the creatures that dwell within. Her anger fuels the storms, and wrestles ships to the oceanfloor, and when appeased, the warm breeze will bring sailors safely home.

Priests of Sjo in Nal-Karak cleanse themselves daily by dousing themselves with water from the fountain of truesight. Acolytes and priests outside of Nal-Karak will substitute the water from the fountain with seawater, often going on pilgrimages to Nal-Karak when atoning for misdeeds or before going on long voyages.


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